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About US

Our firm is a small, local firm, that offers trailers and vans for rental, both for short term and long term rental.Through our collaborator, Turbuss Bergen , we can also offer touring busses with up to 55 seats, VIP transportation and party bus.

We can offer several trailers for rental, such as open trailers, mesh sides trailers, 3-way tip trailers, box trailers, car trailers and boat trailers. In addition we have vans in different sizes, up to 15 cubic meter cargo area and total weight of 3500 kilos, so you can drive them with a driving licence category B.

Our products should cover most of your needs, such as moving loads, desposing of gardening waste, picking up gravel or carring home new furnitures. We can do the transportation for you on request. Our location is at CCB Ågotnes. We can also offer to deliver the trailer or van in Bergen, on Askøy, in Øygarden and on Sotra. We also offer delivery service in all of Norway.

We wish to customize our offers after your needs.
Please, contact us for an offer